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Future Classics

Posted by ifitsgotanengine on November 3, 2004

Quick! Name one car made 50 years ago that is considered a classic today.

Not too difficult is it? Much more challenging would be to come up with a 1954 model car which, when driving down today’s roads, does not make heads turn. There may be some, but none that I can think of off the top of my head.

Now, name one car made 20 years ago that is considered a classic today.

Considered by whom? That’s an excellent question. I’m going to apply the same criterion as above. A car made in 1984 which turns heads when driving down today’s roads.

This is a much more difficult challenge. It seems that 1984 was not a good year for the automobile. Not even a Corvette from that era warrants a second glance. Moving down to the more plebian Camaro and Mustang is even less inspiring.

There are some cars that rise to the occasion. I’m going to skip over the exotics, listing only cars that can be easily purchased today for $10,000 or less in good condition. This is considerably less than half of the average price paid for new cars today.

Porsche 928

Jaguar XJS

Alfa Romeo Spider

Mercedes Benz SL

They are out there, but they are harder to find. I’m sure that I have left many candidates off of this list. If I missed your favorite, drop me a line.


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