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Engineers are not perfect

Posted by ifitsgotanengine on September 13, 2005

Have you ever wondered what makes a good engineer?

I’ll give you a hint; It’s not an innate ability to do math. Almost everyone has the ability to learn the calculus required to function as an engineer (Inventing said calculus is another story). It’s mostly done with computers anyway; no engineer worth his salt would waste his employer’s time working out math problems longhand if there is a simpler way.

Judgement is what makes a good engineer. It can’t be taught, it must be learned through experience.

Any engineer can design a part that is expensive and overbuilt. The trick is to make it just good enough. How good is that? Well, it depends, of course. Good enough to get the job done, and no more. Any better and he’s wasting time he could be spending solving the next problem.

The Deacon was the epitome of a good engineer. His one-hoss shay lasted 100 years to the day. When it wore out, it all wore out at once.

A good engineer is not perfect, just good enough.


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