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Automotive ordeals: Part 2

Posted by ifitsgotanengine on September 14, 2005

At this point, I decided to try to make the rest of the trip to Henagar, AL without turning off the engine. I had less than 500 miles to go; I should be able to do that in about 7 hours.

Except that it was now around 6am on my second day of driving without any sleep.

So I bought several caffeinated beverages and sugary snacks and set out to complete my journey.

Around noon on Sunday, the car overheated and quit on the side of the interstate about 15 miles from the Alabama state line. I put in the half-gallon or so of water I had thoughtfully brought with me and attempted to start the car. It wouldn’t start.

I slid down an embankment to a side road and walked to the nearest house and asked for help. The fellow there was nice enough to take me to rescue my car (somehow he knew that hitting the starter with a hammer would work), and then took me to a parts store and let me use his tools to replace my water pump. I didn’t bother to replace the starter there, I had my own hammer.

After I made it to Henagar, I replaced the starter and added a temperature gage. I didn’t have any more trouble for the rest of the trip to New York.

I ended up driving that car for 2 years and then putting the engine in another TA (the blue one in the picture) and driving it for another year with no problems whatsoever.


2 Responses to “Automotive ordeals: Part 2”

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