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My newest project idea

Posted by ifitsgotanengine on September 26, 2005

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. Well, at least a day and a half.

I’m going to design and build my own car. It can’t be that hard; homebuilt cars don’t have to meet any particular emissions or crash test standards. They only have to work.

This is not going to be a quick project. I envision being able to drive it in a few years.

If everything goes well.

The biggest roadblock I have to actually getting started on the design is the lack of an engine. That is, I need measurements from the engine to design the frame around. And, being me, I can’t just get a small-block Chevy. If I were going to do that I’d just buy a Nova and be done with it.

I want the most esoteric engine design out there. Something that nobody else has. Something that I can afford.

These seem like contradictory requirements. My current plan is to use the powerhead from a 200 or so horsepower outboard engine. Thisis essentially a two-stroke V6 engine. With a proper expansion chamber exhaust it should really scream.


2 Responses to “My newest project idea”

  1. Anonymous said

    An outboard would be great, but they’re quite pricey. Not really much of an aftermarket, either. You must then couple this engine to a transmission. How much torque was the outboard really designed to generate?

    Consider…motorcycle engine and trans, foam-filled aluminum monocoque, all-wheel drive AND steering. One HUGE tire out back. Remember, “To go fast, add lightness.”

  2. Anonymous said

    Still thinking… Snowmobile engines have quite the aftermarket. I saw one that was a genuine fire-breather. It was on a POS trailer.

    No thanks for this one?

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