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Hybrid cars

Posted by ifitsgotanengine on September 29, 2005

Why, oh why can’t they get it right?

Hybrid after hybrid goes on sale, but still not one that you can plug in at night to recharge the battery.

Consider; if, like most people, your commute to work is around 10 or so miles, you have a 20 mile round trip. This is easily achievable with modern battery/motor technology. You plug your hybrid in at night, charging the batteries. You then drive to work and back without ever starting the engine.

What’s that you say? You want to visit Grandma after work? She lives 30 miles away? No problem. As soon as the battery gets too low, the engine starts and you start burning precious gasoline. All of the benefits of hybrid technology, none of the downfalls of electric-only cars.

I recommend plugging back in at Grandma’s. You know she won’t mind.

One Response to “Hybrid cars”

  1. JimC said

    Well, the problem I see is, given the state of North America’s electrical grid, adding to demand with vehicles is just a tad crazy. It’s more likley(I’m not saying very likely, just more likley)that the system will become so dysfunctional that people will to resort to powering their homes WITH their cars.

    And, depending on where the power comes from it’s debatable that there would be any environmental benefit.

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