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Suzuki LC and Google Translate

Posted by ifitsgotanengine on October 2, 2005

Autoblog showed me the story and Google translated it.

Here’s google’s version.

It is light the automobile of the optimum size where ” by your of exactly, you can ride the small car delightful size “, with 2 people of concept. Because it is the small car, very possibility ” charm of the automobile the packaging was done lightly ” e.g., distance of the driver’s seat and the suicide seat be as narrow as possible め the て, distance of the important person is brought close. In addition, lightly not only the automobile such as good quality of small turn original efficiency aspect, you feeling ” your own sufficient partner impression “, in order to receive, it seems that the cheek stops wanting, seeing, driving, you adopted the pleasant styling, you made the car which can feel the familiarity and your own one bodily sensation et cetera which the small car brings to do to slip.

I love Google.


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