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Further refinements to my car design

Posted by ifitsgotanengine on October 3, 2005

I’ve given some more thought to the design of the car I’m planning to build.

  • Very low center of gravity: I intend to have the center of gravity be at the height of the axles, or perhaps a bit lower. This will allow me to run very low spring rates and no anti-roll bars and still have no body roll when cornering. This will probably require ridiculously large rims — probably 20-24″.
  • Wheels all the way at the corners: The frontmost and rearmost part of the car will be the tires. This will prevent scrubbing bits of the body on any driveway, curb, or etc. Approach and departure angles will be >90°.
  • Extremely small turning circle: I will allow the front wheels to turn to 90° from the rears and have an extra brake caliper on each rear wheel that is actuated when the steering is turned very far in that direction to allow the car to pivot around either rear wheel.

One Response to “Further refinements to my car design”

  1. Anonymous said

    90 degree, or even close, is going to require some fancy or complicated suspension design.

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