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Malibu Maxx – What’s wrong with GM?

Posted by ifitsgotanengine on October 4, 2005

I had an opportunity to ride in a new Malibu Maxx the other day. Overall I was unimpressed. There wasn’t anything that caused this car to stand out from the crowd except for its slightly funky shape.

The most unusual aspect of the car is its sunroof, which Chevrolet calls a “fixed rear skylight”. Ordinarily I wouldn’t condemn a car for a no-cost feature, but I can’t help but think the engineering time spent designing this particular feature could have been better utilized.

You see, being fixed, this skylight doesn’t open. It’s also not visible by the driver and only visible to rear-seat passengers if they crane their necks and look straight up. This feature adds just about as close to zero benefit as is possible. And, while it doesn’t appear on the window sticker as a cost, I’m sure it adds to the price of the car.


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