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Did Auto Express even drive the Veyron?

Posted by ifitsgotanengine on October 8, 2005

When I first read Auto Express’ road test of the 1001 HP Bugatti Veyron, I was doubtful. I was doubtful of Bugatti’s top speed claim of 252 miles per hour.

Now I am doubtful that Auto Express even drove the car.

There are so many problems with their review, I don’t know where to begin:

  • “Two wide, black lines are left in the tarmac as the Veyron launches forward.” Odd, the veyron is all wheel drive. Probably ought to leave 4 wide, black lines, eh?
  • “Slowing down . . . as the engine downshifts smoothly through its six gears.” Without commenting on the fact that it’s the transmission, not the engine, that has gears, the Veyron has seven forward speeds.
  • They also fail to mention the procedure for putting the car into ‘top speed mode’. Per Car and Driver, this involves coming to a complete stop and, while the car is idling, turning a key in a lock on the floor to the left of the driver’s seat. Also, turning the steering wheel more than 90 degres or even as much as touching the brakes causes the car to revert to normal mode.

4 Responses to “Did Auto Express even drive the Veyron?”

  1. Anonymous said

    4 wide black lines??? if its going forward only two lines will be seen as the rear tires will cover the ground of the front tires

  2. Anonymous said

    The reason for only 2 black lines? Weight transfer and differential systems. Someone needs to brush up on their car mechanics and driving physics 🙂

    When a car accelerates, weight is transferred to the rear. So even if the differential system was a full-time 50/50 split, the rear wheels would be more likely to leave tracks. Most mid-engine 4WD cars have a rear bias when splitting the power, and many are dynamic, and will apply the power to where the most weight is being transferred.

    Cheers, Justin.

  3. Andrew said

    Perhaps they didn’t mention “top speed mode” because they didn’t use top speed mode, which is why they couldn’t get to 252 mph.

  4. Anonymous said

    Maybe they hired Jayson Blair as their new automotive editor

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