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Those who do not learn from history . . .

Posted by ifitsgotanengine on October 20, 2005

. . . are doomed to repeat it.

That bears repeating, or at least paraphrasing. Anyone – whether an individual, a corporation, or a world power – who refuses to learn from their own mistakes and those of others will likely make those mistakes again.

The good men at Autoblog report that Bob Lutz, Vice Chairman of GM, is defending his company’s strategy of selling large SUVs in these days of $3.00/gallon gasoline by stating that three years ago SUVs were selling like crazy. He then goes on to state that they are preparing for the future by bringing out 14 (!) crossovers in four years. You can read Autoblog’s article here.

Three years ago SUVs were selling well. It took GM three years to respond to that, by which time it was too late. Why oh why do they think that crossovers will still be selling well enough to warrant 14 (!) new models four years from now?


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