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The (Un)Truth About Cars

Posted by ifitsgotanengine on November 11, 2005

Rarely do I come across a website that looks this legitimate, yet contains so many fallacies. The Truth About Cars is just such a site. Aside from the over-the-top GM bashing (which GM probably deserves), it is a fairly straight-forward automotive opinion site.

With some exceptions.

The first time I ran across this site was in November of 2004, when they ran an article titled Death To The Stick Shift. This at first appears to be a well written article. The truth (ha!) is revealed upon closer scrutiny. The first ridiculous statement occurs fairly early in the article.

Operating a manual transmission is an inherently difficult and dangerous procedure…

Inherently dangerous? I think not.

Their most recent untruth is titled Highlight and Delete. Once again, it starts out with a reasonable premise – that the American automakers need to remove unnecessary standard features from automobiles in order to save production costs – but from there it all goes wrong.

The author states that most people don’t pay attention to the oil pressure gauge or the voltmeter, so they should be replaced by “a simple warning light”.

I wonder why those simple warning lights are called idiot lights.

He then continues with the spare tire and oddly, the accelerator cable. I find it difficult to believe that converting from a simple cable to a potentiometer and servomotor assembly will save production costs, but then I’m not an automotive engineer.


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