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False Advertising

Posted by ifitsgotanengine on November 12, 2005

I used to own a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport.

Really, I did.

No really, stop laughing!

Anyway, it was a good truck, but it had a few things that drove me crazy. One of these was the oil pressure gauge.

“How could an oil pressure guage drive Dorri crazy?” you might ask.

Simple, it was not really a pressure guage. It was an idiot light masquarading as a guage. The fine folks at Ford – following the same logic as the folks at The (Un)Truth About Cars – came to the conclusion that since most people didn’t know what the oil pressure guage was really telling them that it could be replaced by an idiot light.

This would be fine, except that their marketing gurus decided that guages = upscale and upscale = sales. So they installed a fake pressure guage connected to an idiot light sender. What this means is that anytime the oil pressure is > 7 psig, the needle is in the middle of the normal band. If oil pressure is
There is no documentation of this anywhere in the owner’s manual. I don’t know many people who like to be lied to.


5 Responses to “False Advertising”

  1. Croak said

    Ford is not the only one guilty of this. BMW does something similar with “buffered” water temp gauges that don’t budge from center after the water temp hits 180f actual, until it goes past a ~40f buffered range. Once it exceeds that buffered range, then the gauge finally moves from center.

    BMW’s explanation for this makes a warped kind of sense though..if the gauge were not buffered, normal driving conditions and motor operation caused fluctuations past center that would have average owners bringing their cars into the service dept in droves thinking their cars were running too hot.

  2. Ben K said

    It’s a similar tale from Mazda. The first series of MX-5 (Miata, if you must) had a propper oil pressure gauge. The next series had a fake gauge. Owners complained. Mazda finally re-instated the oil pressure gauge in the recently released car.

    From the other side, my 1994 Peugeot has an unbuffered temp gauge, so much so that you can watch it rise and fall in traffic as the thermofans kick in and out AND it has an unbuffered oil temperature gauge (!) which sort of makes sense (as much sense as French cars make) as my particular Peugeot has oil-cooled pistons.

  3. jane said

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  4. Dorri732 said

    Wow, even turning word verification on doesn’t stop all the spam comments.

  5. Anonymous said

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