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The Blog for Auto Bloggers

Posted by ifitsgotanengine on November 27, 2005

Ever wonder what Automotive Bloggers would talk about if you got a bunch of them together?

Me either.

We can find out by checking out A Blog for Auto Bloggers. It’s just as it seems, a sounding board for bloggers to talk amongst themselves in a public forum.

The concept for this site was to create a space where automotive bloggers, or even traditional online editors, can come and discuss the issues they come across in covering or commenting on the automotive industry.

All are welcome here. We’re looking for “real” discourse over the issues that dictate our coverage and how to improve it. This isn’t a place to bash others or the competition, but to see how each takes on the same subject.

Sounds like a great idea. I’ve asked to be included, look for my input there soon.


One Response to “The Blog for Auto Bloggers”

  1. Wong Online PoKér Hu said

    I have always thought that motorcycle bloggers would be exclusive to motorcycles. However, I saw one blog and they were talking about politics. Since the motocross season is over, I wonder what is more interesting than talking about new models.

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