If it\’s got an engine. . .

Dorri probably likes it

Let’s let them fight it out.

Posted by ifitsgotanengine on December 8, 2005

On page 92 of the January ’06 Motor Trend, they write about the Bugatti Veyron 16.4,

“It’ll score you the best parking place at any restaurant in the world.”

On page 100 of the same magazine, they write about the Pagani Zonda F,

“. . . it’ll snare you the world’s best parking spot anywhere, any time.”

So, which is it?

Here’s what I propose. You buy the cars (the Bugatti and the Pagani), and you drive one, I’ll drive the other and we’ll meet at the nicest restaurant we can think of. I’m not talking McDonald’s here, we’re going high class. Maybe Cracker Barrel. Then we’ll just see who gets the best parking spot.


One Response to “Let’s let them fight it out.”

  1. J G Halmayr said

    Waffle House, it’s gotta be Waffle House! Ever try to get one of the parking spaces by the front door? It’s damn near impossible.

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