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More possible projects (when will I find time?)

Posted by ifitsgotanengine on December 14, 2005

A friend recently loaned me a copy of a book called How to Build a Cheap Sports Car. After reading through it, we decided to take stock of all the myriad parts cars we either have or have available to us.

Stephen has a 1989 Jaguar XJ-S with no interior (and I mean NO interior – there isn’t even a dash or steering column in it) and no engine/transmission. This car already has the motor mounts and tranny crossmember for a smallblock Chevy conversion.

He also has a low-mileage 1984 XJ-S with just about every body panel bent (building collapsed on it), but a good engine and tranny and interior.

I have a 1985 Corvette that was wrecked in 1988 and has been parked since. It has no interior to speak of (windshield missing and lots of rain), but has an excellent drivetrain.

I also have two 1982 Yamaha Seca IIs, one of which is pretty close to running.

Stephen also has a plethora of old Opels. I’m not sure why.

The original plan was to swap the interior from the ’84 Jag into the ’89 and put a SBC (possible from a wrecked Vette) into it. He then could sell off the Jag V-12 and IRS to recoup some cost. I was planning to find an old Trans Am to drop the Vette engine (and IRS if I was feeling plucky).

We could still do that. If we put a different SBC in the ’89 Jag we would then be left with a front and rear Jag suspension, a front and rear Vette suspension, and a Jag V-12 and Vette 350.

Sounds like a recipe for 2 Lotus Seven inspired LoCosts.

Of course we’ll probably never get around to it, but we could.


3 Responses to “More possible projects (when will I find time?)”

  1. Big Ford Fan said

    When I went to Carlisle Fairgrounds in June for the all Ford Nationals, I saw a home built Lotus 7 type car and talked briefly with the owner/builder.

    According to him, it cost less to build than to buy a kit. He had blueprints and raw materials, as well as patience and skill.

    If I had either of those last two, I would do it, but I don’t, so I want to see you do it.

  2. Dorri732 said

    The first book that I know about to be written about building one of these was “Build your own sports car for £250”. That book was written many years ago, but it could probably be done for less than a grand today.

    The guy who wrote “How to build a cheap sports car” spent about $7400. That was buying the frame as a kit.

    I’m looking to spend a lot less. than either of those. In fact, I think the project could be done with no net cash outlay if you are careful what car you use as a donor and sell off all the parts you don’t use.

  3. Daniel said

    I’ve got the same book about a year ago and I wanted a Lotus 7 replica so much that I actually went and ordered a super stalker v6 kit. I don’t have too much time free time – who has 🙂 – but hopefully in about a year I’ll finish it. And for sure I’ll blog about it 🙂

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