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Howard Stern vs. Bob Dylan

Posted by ifitsgotanengine on December 15, 2005

For some reason, it made national news when Sirius Satellite Radio announced that Howard Stern would have a show starting in January 2006.

I wonder just how many customers will choose Sirius over XM just to hear Stern?

More importantly to Sirius, how many will choose XM just to avoid the Stern?

I would have thought that that last question was a bit silly, except that when Hyundia did a survey of its customers to see which they prefer – XM or Sirius – they found that many customers did not want Sirius simply because they didn’t want to hear Howard Stern.

Hyundai then decided to go with XM.

So far this year, Hyundai has sold over 400,000 cars in the US, most of them with XM radio.

To further plant the nail in the Sirius coffin, XM recently announced that Bob Dylan would be hosting a weekly music show for them.

I doubt that will cost them any subscribers.


2 Responses to “Howard Stern vs. Bob Dylan”

  1. Croak said

    I thought it was great news that Stern was moving to Sirrius…my favorite local classic rock station, that used to be my alarm wakeup, switched to Stern in the mornings.

    It’s been two years and I haven’t tuned to that station ONCE since then.

    With him gone, maybe I’ll have pleasant wakeups again.

  2. Dorri732 said

    I also think that the chances are pretty good that he will not be as popular on satellite radio. His appeal has centered around pushing the boundaries of FM radio; now he is just another foul-mouthed dj on an R-rated channel.

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