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What were they thinking?

Posted by ifitsgotanengine on December 19, 2005

Tonight I went with a friend (Stephen) to Easley, SC (motto: all our streetlights are yellow and we don’t know why) to pick up his new Scion xB. I noticed immediately upon entering town that all the streetlights were yellow (see motto). A few minutes later, one of the streetlights turned red. That’s when I noticed that that particular streetlight was actually a traffic light. Then I started cursing vehemently (i.e. with vehemen).

They were the exact same color.

I cannot come up with any possible reason for the city of Easley to intentionally make their streetlights the same color as a yellow traffic light.

Any ideas?

2 Responses to “What were they thinking?”

  1. Glen said

    I believe many cities use “yellowish” street lamps to reduce the amount of “light pollution” in the air… and possibly, more economical operation..

  2. R Jordan Hinson said

    Sodium vapor lamps (yellow street lamps) use much less electricity than other types of light. But this is still a seriously poor oversight.

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