If it\’s got an engine. . .

Dorri probably likes it

It doesn’t have an engine . . .

Posted by ifitsgotanengine on January 5, 2006

And it’s not a car. But it does have a motor. Three, to be exact.

And if flies.


It’s my new favorite toy, a Bladerunner II RC helicopter. Click the link to see a video on their website.

It weighs around 50 grams, which I think rounds down to zero. That’s with the body, most of which I have cut away in the name of increased flight times.

I’m now getting a little over 10 minutes on a full charge of its onboard 300 mah Li-Po (that’s Lithium Polymer) battery. It takes close to an hour to recharge.

There’s a pretty active web forum for these things where they discuss a variety of modifications.

I got it a Circuit City for around $60.00.


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