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Dorri probably likes it

Where did everybody go?

Posted by ifitsgotanengine on January 10, 2006

The Bavarian Falconblog‘s been dead for a while now

Bill’s Blog Project appears abandoned

Executive Car Service provides corporate Baltimore sedan service and luxury BWI International airport transportation throughout the Baltimore Metropolitan area.

.:Ride:. appears to have stalled

Ben’s Car Blog
is on the back burner.

And I haven’t been too frequent with upgrades myself.

Did everyone make a New Year’s resolution to stop blogging?

Come back, guys.


5 Responses to “Where did everybody go?”

  1. Stephen said

    Seriously guys, I’m going to have to start a blog at this pace, and you guys don’t really want to read a blog about Opels and Jags, do you?

  2. Big Ford Fan said

    Dorri, some of us are still here. And Stephen, yes some of us would like to see a blog that’s not devoted to BMW, and Jaguar and Opel are both interesting marques.

  3. Dorri732 said

    Thanks Joe. Your site’s kept me from going into withdrawals these past few days.

    I noticed that Croak’s back today.

    Joe Sherlock even had a heart atack, and he’s still blogging!

    I second the blog about Opels and Jags. One of the Jags might be mine one day;-)

  4. Big Ford Fan said

    Dorri, do what you can to encourage Stephen to start his blog, no disrespect to all the BMW guys, but a Jag/Opel blog would be a unique situation. And I’d like to hear more about Opel, I know a little, but always interested in learing more.

    It’s amazing that Joe Sherlock is back at it so quickly, speaks volumes about a strong character.

    I’ve noticed far too many promissing blogs that just died or go dark for long periods, like Ben K. It’s a shame, many of these guys have interesting posts. It can’t just be the pros like AutoBlog, Jalopnik and MPH Online doing it, it’s up to us too.

    Look at it this way, it’s like voting on election day, if you don’t attempt to have your voice heard (Via blogging or voting) you don’t have a right to bitch when things don’t go the way you wanted. Blogging gives us each a voice that many auto companies listen too.

  5. Ben K said

    I’m so close to finishing my thesis it’s not funny. A couple of weeks to go and I’ll submit (we don’t do defences in Australia like you all do in the ‘States) and that will be it. I’ll have time again for something other than thinking about how actor-network theory relates to my analysis of speech recognition users in the Federal Public Service.

    Of course, then I’ll move interstate, and start work so I’ll be time poor again but I’ll be able to spare some attention for blogging. I’m looking forward to coming back.

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