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My turn for a ‘first’ post

Posted by ifitsgotanengine on January 15, 2006

All this talk in the carblogosphere about ‘firsts’ got me thinking. I’ve already mentioned my ’83 Mercury Capri GS a couple of times, so I won’t go into that now.

What I haven’t talked about is the first car I ever autocrossed.

When I was in the Navy, my next door neighbor’s cousin moved in with him. He had a 1977 Porsche 924. It was white and didn’t look or run very well. I remember seeing him many mornings working feverishly trying to get it to run so he could drive it to work.

Well, fast forward a couple of months and I come home from a deployment to find the Porsche gone and a Jeep in its place. I knocked on the door and asked what happened to the 924 and he told me he got tired of it and left it in long-term parking on base several months earlier. Naturally I asked him what he wanted for it. I ended up buying it from him for $250.

He gave me a ride to the lot where the car was and we managed to jump-start it and I drove it home.

It had mold on almost every interior surface and the wiring was atrocious. The fuel pump had apparently quit at one point, as there was a wire running from the hatch area, through the interior, across the passenger seat, out the door, under the hood, directly to the battery. There was a toggle switch spliced into this wire where it laid on the passenger seat.

The start procedure included “flip fuel pump toggle ‘on’ on passenger seat”.

I realize that this post is getting long and I haven’t even got to the autocross part yet, so stay tuned for a Part 2.

One Response to “My turn for a ‘first’ post”

  1. Joe Thompson said

    oh, i think that car needs a huge customization to get the looks and performance back… But can’t wait to know what you’ve done with that auto… Auto Aficionado

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