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Barrett-Jackson 2006

Posted by ifitsgotanengine on January 22, 2006

Jay Leno once said that he knows that he has a problem and was making preparations to check himself into the Henry Ford clinic.

That pretty much sums up the atmosphere at the Barrett-Jackson auto auction.

Last night, during the auction of a 1952 Chrysler D’Elegance concept car, the bidding had stalled at $800,000. The host got on the microphone and told the croud that “this is a bargain for a car of this caliper“. I turned to my wife and told her that it must have been a Fordian slip.

The car truly was spectacular, with a front end that looks like a modern Bentley GT and a profile that recalls the Karmann Ghia.

It sold for $1.1 million.

Others to break the million dollar mark included a 1954 Pontiac Bonneville concept car which sold for $2.8 million, a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS LS6 that sold for $1.05 million, a 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda Hemi convertable for $2 million, and the surprise of the show – a 1950 GM Futureliner tour bus that sold for a staggering $4.1 million dollars.

I think one of the bargains of the show was 1953 Corvette with serial number 003 – most likely the first Corvette made that wasn’t destroyed by Chevrolet. It sold for only $1 million.

Wish I had been there.


One Response to “Barrett-Jackson 2006”

  1. I SHOULD be Boss of the World said

    Thanx for the Futureliner link. I’ve just returned here to your blog after spending hours at the link. I love this kind of stuff.

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