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Drive what you build?

Posted by ifitsgotanengine on January 29, 2006

Are cooks at McDonald’s allowed to eat at Burger King? Outback?

If you work for the railroad can you fly to your vacation destination? Take a cruise?

What’s the difference between that and Ford workers being required to drive Fords? Okay, I know they aren’t required, but they have to park across the street if they don’t.

Executive Car Service provides corporate New York limo service and luxury JFK International airport transportation throughout the New York Metropolitan area.

I’ve read positive reviews of this policy here and here, but I can’t agree with it.

Here’s why.

If I purchase a 1998 Audi A4, how does that hurt Ford Motor Company? And how exactly does my purchasing a 1998 Ford Taurus (what a comparison!) help Ford?

In either case the answer is – “it doesn’t”.

The only automoble purchases that affect the automakers are new car purchases and I’d bet that over half of the cars in the employee parking lots were purchased used.


5 Responses to “Drive what you build?”

  1. the garage guy said

    this arrogance isn’t new. at the GM plant in oshawa the lot for employees who drive non gm products is about 2 miles away. at the toyota canada head office in scarborough they will tow any non toyota products that are parked in front of the building.

    of course i’m sure it helps them sell cars. NOT!

  2. Big Ford Fan said

    Dorri, your assertation that the majority of UAW workers drive used vehciles doesn’t ring true. UAW employees at Ford qualify for; A Plan pricing (Employee discount) $1,000 voucher towards purchase of new car (built by their company) and preferential finacing rates on the same. So their ability to purchase a new car is stronger than most consumers. UAW workers make $27 per hour, that’s very good money ($56,000 per year without overtime), we’re not talking about Burger flippers who make $7 per hour.

    If you work at Gimbles, you don’t shop at Macy’s. If you do and your store closes, don’t blame others. If you work for the Boston Red Sox, you don’t wear a Yankees cap to work. If you are a Butcher, you don’t wear a PETA shirt to work. It’s a matter of Enlightened Self Interest and Self Preservation.

    If you want to buy an Audi to drive on weekends, leave it at home and buy a used Escort to drive to your job. It’s just common sense. And if and when the UAW goes on strike at any plant, I want to know if any of them will drive to the picket line in a Hyundai.

    If your very job depends on how well your company does, you support your company. It’s simple logic. And if you feel oppressed by the policy, take your ass over to the Toyota plant for lower wages and benefits.

    If it were my decision, they wouldn’t have to park in the lot across the street, they’d be able to stay home, because they’d be unemployed. I was reading in Douglas Brinkley’s Wheels for the Worl, that when Henry Ford saw an employee getting into a non Ford car, he walked over admired it asked the owner how he liked it and then fired him. Now that was in the 20’s, but I wish they could do that today. If you don’t like Ford,why the hell are you working there? If you won’t help your own company and by extension yourself, why should anyone care?

  3. the garage guy said

    Big Ford, you got me thinking! See what about here http://birelgarage.blogspot.com/

  4. jwfisher said

    When you take away the freedom of power of choice, you only know ==>this much< ==. Your perspective on the world narrows, your horizon is much closer, your knowledge of the world narrows, your abilities don't reach your potential. And in your ignorance, you fight to protect what little you know. That’s the problem with protectionism, Gettelfinger, and the UAW mindset.
    (automotive blogs & website)

  5. Anonymous said

    It doesn’t matter to the company’s bottom line, but a picture of a parking lot full of [X] cars in a [Y] car plant makes for a juicy news story. Negative advertising.

    Oh and by the way, Ford sucks.


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