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I know who killed Dale Earnhardt

Posted by ifitsgotanengine on January 30, 2006

I met the man who claims to have killed Dale Sr. the other day.

We were sitting around at work (we seem to do that a lot) when Bob (not his real name – his real name is Daniel) asked “did I ever tell y’all about how I killed Dale Earnhardt?”

Before I go any farther in this story I feel it appropriate to explain that the room was pretty well full of rednecks.

At this point the senior redneck present looked at the clock and told Bob (still not his real name – see above) “you’ve got eight minutes to explain yourself or you’re gonna die.”

So here goes.

It seems that Bob was at an amusement when he saw Dale Earnhardt there. Bob isn’t a Nascar fan, but he was with a friend who is. At some point in the evening they found themselves on a roller coaster with Dale. Bob was right behind him and his friend was a few seats back.

Bob leans up and says to Dale, “I know you’re here with your family and I hate to bother you, but my friend is a real big fan and I was wondering if I could get your autograph?”

Dale remains silent, as if he didn’t hear Bob. His nephew said “Uncle Dale, that man asked you a question.” Dale leans over to the nephew and says “Shut up.”

The rest of the ride is completed in silence. As he gets off of the roller coaster, Bob shouts “I hope you wreck at your next race!”

Dale’s next race was his last.

3 Responses to “I know who killed Dale Earnhardt”

  1. the garage guy said

    now that’s funny!

  2. jwfisher said

    Shame on you!

    Haven’t you seen all those fat rednecks crying every time Dale Sr is mentioned? And don’t you know that Dale Sr is racing for Jesus now?


    (automotive blogs and site, RSS feeds available)

  3. Anonymous said

    Another good reason to be polite and watch what you say, no matter how rude the other person is. Your spoken words may haunt you like they will Bob.

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