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I threw a car away this weekend

Posted by ifitsgotanengine on February 17, 2006

A Corvette even.

Not gave away or hauled off to the junkyard, but threw away.

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Some background:
A friend of mine wrecked his 1985 Corvette in 1988 and it’s been sitting at his sister’s house ever since. She wanted it out of her yard, he didn’t want to deal with it. So he gave it to me in exchange for boat storage for the winter.

We stripped it of all parts that could be sold on Ebay, and cut the rest into smallish chunks and hauled it to the dump.


One Response to “I threw a car away this weekend”

  1. Stephen said

    You forgot to mention the other event of the day that was almost as funny: All the time we’re sawz-all-ing this ‘Vette up there was a pair of Jaguar XJSs, another Corvette, and a BMW 750 all in the yard at the same time. Sure their total value now is not much more than if we all had new Neons, but their total value new is almost $250k. A passerby would think we could afford to cut up a Corvette.

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