If it\’s got an engine. . .

Dorri probably likes it

Where are all the cool convertibles?

Posted by ifitsgotanengine on March 30, 2006

So my wife has a good friend coming to visit for a week or so this summer and she casually mentioned to her “maybe Dorri can round us up a convertible”.

No problem.

Except that I can’t find any affordable and attractive convertibles.

Unless it’s a Miata.

I did a quick Autotrader.com search for convertibles in the $4500 to $6500 price range and came up with:

About a zillion Chevy Cavaliers/Pontiac Sunfires
A whole bunch of Chrysler Sebrings
Many Chevy Camaros/Pontiac Firebirds/Ford Mustangs
Quite a few Saabs
One Aflfa Romeo (which I considered)
And too many Miatas to count.

Makes me wish we had a safety inspection program here comparable to the British MoT here.


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