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Posted by ifitsgotanengine on June 18, 2006

Why would Progressive insurance feel it necessary to market a new brand of insurance, Drive insurance from Progressive?

If they already offer every insurance product that any driver needs, why start a new franchise that is only available through agents (not online)?

How do they market it?

Them: Buy Drive Insurance.
Customer: Why should I?
Them: It costs more because we have to pay insurance agents.
Customer: ???

I guess I don’t get it.


One Response to “Why”

  1. Jay S said

    Progressive has been open to Insurance agents for years! It is basically the same price. Progressive direct lets progressive keep the commissions and is thus more profitable. When they sell through the agent, you got someone to handle things in person.

    But they decided there was too much confusion, and so decided to rename the existing program.

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