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Citgo and the Devil

Posted by ifitsgotanengine on September 23, 2006

Around here in Toccoa, GA, the cheapest gas station is Bev’s Quick Stop. That’s where I used to fill up.

Not anymore. Unless, that is, Hugo Chavez offers me an apology.

You see, Bev’s sells Citgo gas.

Perhaps I should explain. A few days ago, Hugo Chavez (that’s the Prez of Venezuala, by the way) referred to my President the Devil. That’s right; he was addressing the Security Council of the United Nations, where Bush had previously spoken, and Chavez said that the place still smelled of sulfur.

How does all of this affect my gas purchases, you ask?

Well, Citgo, inc. is wholly owned by the Venezualan government. And I, for one, will not be sending them any more of my hard-earned money.

2 Responses to “Citgo and the Devil”

  1. ericgp said

    The US President IS the devil and needs to be ousted. The US has for far too long avoided responsibility (regardless of those few shining moments it has had (which were indeed worked very hard for and duly deserved). The US needs to pay attention and step back into formation with Europe especially on social issues. National Healthcare, proper minimum wage and an end to corporate power run amuck. I was born, raised and educated in the United States, and despite all of that, I turned out okay. I want to see this country grow up already. The US is but an infant compared to the rest of the world, especially developed nations, and it shows in our infantile two party system, the lack of a real ‘left’ politically as it were and our outdated concept of mixing religion with politics.

    Hugo Chavez deserves to be commended for telling it like it is and as such I intentionally look for Citgo stations to show my support by filling up my Non-UAW built Chevrolet C-Segment Family 5 door.

    I cannot speak for Chavez as a person, but as a leader regarding issues of speaking out against a repressive regime (which is what the United States has become under Bush (whom I might I add I voted for the first time, and his father before him)). It takes a lot of guts to call out a bully, especially when said aforementioned bully has most of the firepower in the hemisphere.


  2. Red Stater said

    hey eric, next time do a little research BEFORE you post a comment…
    America happens to be largest most successful type of democracy in the world and is the standard by which all other democracies are measured..and they fall short.

    Chavez is the oppressive “bully” attempting to change his “democratic” government into a dictatorship by removing term limits….and free elections.

    People are fleeing from countries across south and central America through Mexico and flocking to North America (USA)… if Hugo is SO great, why aren’t Americans (like you) moving there… instead of the other way around?

    BTW, that sulpher you and chavez smell might be coming from your own upper lip(s)… do one of those smell your own breath moves and see if i’m not right.

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