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Why do I love my BMW? Engineering overkill.

Posted by ifitsgotanengine on October 2, 2006

The picture to the right is a diagram of the E32 (1988-1994 7-series) BMWs’ windshield wiper assembly. What is not immediately apparent from this diagram is the level of attention given to the engineering of this seemingly mundane system.

To wit:

  • When in slow speed, the wipers will switch to delay mode when the car is stopped, picking back up again when the car starts moving.
  • The intermittent delay will vary with car speed, or can be user-programmed for any time interval from two to twenty seconds.
  • The windshield has heating coils built into its base which prevent the wipers from freezing to the it. These automatically power up whenever outside temperature reaches 38° F.
  • My favorite – Part #4 on the diagram above is a “pressure adjusting device”. It varies the wipers’ pressure against the windshield with the car’s speed, preventing the wipers from lifting or chattering at high speed.

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Perhaps the best thing about the wipers is that they just work. Probably 99% of the owners of these cars don’t know about any of the items above.

That is the mark of engineering excellence.


3 Responses to “Why do I love my BMW? Engineering overkill.”

  1. Emesh said

    BMW ROCKXXX!!!!!!!

  2. Reg Plates said

    That’s the reason why sensible people buy BMWs. They trust that the guys who are designing and building these ultimate driving machines have already thought of everything.

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