If it\’s got an engine. . .

Dorri probably likes it

I’ve never considered myself much of a Corvette person. . .

Posted by ifitsgotanengine on April 4, 2007

But I think I have changed my mind.

A friend of mine (yes, that friend) has a 1997 Corvette. He’s done a bit of work to it, exhaust and intake, etc. I’ve driven it a few times before, and been impressed. He offered to sell it to me, and loaned it to me for a few days.

I think I have to buy this car.

Not only is it silly-fast, but during the time I was driving it, I averaged 26.5 mpg.

As much as I drive, it will almost pay for itself in gas savings over my BMW. (I just did the math. It’ll take a little over nine years to pay for itself. Oh well)


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