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The (thrice) Unwanted Mangusta

Posted by ifitsgotanengine on May 25, 2007

About six months ago one of my friends at work told me that he had bought a disassembled 1967 Shelby GT350. It seems that it had been sitting at a body shop for the last 10 years. The owner of the shop had taken it and a 1969 DeTomaso Mangusta in for some work and, after stripping the GT350 and ordering a bunch of new parts, realized that the owner wasn’t around anymore.

My friend had known about the cars for the last three years. It took him that long to convince the owner to sell him the Shelby.

The shop owner wouldn’t sell the Shelby without selling the Mangusta with it. That’s twice that it had been scorned.

My friend bought the shop owner’s interest in both cars for ~$30K and proceeded to file the necessary paperwork to title the Shelby.

Enter original owner.

The day before the title was to be issued, the original owner shows up and wants his cars back, after ten years.

After much legal wrangling, the judge rules that the original owner must pay storage fees on both cars for the last ten years, amounting to $84,000.

Much to my friend’s dismay, he coughed up the dough for the Shelby, and the unwanted Mangusta changed hands again.


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My new Car and Driver seemed a bit skimpy . . .

Posted by ifitsgotanengine on May 3, 2007

. . . in the content department.

When I received my new Car and Driver magazine, I read it cover to cover, as usual. I noticed that it seemed like there were more ads than usual.

When I counted pages, here’s what I found:

Total pages, counting inside front and rear cover:

Total pages of advertisements:

Total pages of content:

Percentage of magazine not advertisements:

Kinda hard to believe they don’t pay me to read it if it’s mostly ads.

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