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Saturn Vue – One Step Up, Two Steps Back

Posted by ifitsgotanengine on June 8, 2007

Most car companies strive to make each successive generation of their automobiles better. Most do. Typically, new versions of cars are roomier and faster. Just look at the line of Honda Accords. Along the way, however, they end up heavier. The automakers strive to avoid this, but it happens.

The newest version of the Saturn Vue isn’t any larger than the outgoing model. This is a refreshing change, and on first look, seems to indicate that GM is finally waking up to the $3.00/gallon realities facing motorists today.

Look a little closer, and the truth rears it’s ugly head.

The new Vue is heavier than the model it replaces. The new Vue is slower than the model it replaces. The new Vue gets worse gas mileage than the model it replaces. The new Vue is more expensive than the model it replaces.

But at least it’s not any roomier.


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